Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Colors

And that color is BROWN!

Trout camp started with unusually warm weather as well as strange watershed manipulations by the Edison Company. Both have subsided and the fish have begun to behave as they are expected to. Above is Jimmie with a typical fall brown from one of our fave west slope waters. The second specimen came from Bernard's day of scouting solo. Other color variations spice up the fare. See this small hen's amazing display of spots...

Followed below by this bow and this golden to round out the package a bit.

This year a bald eagle has been sighted in the region. The store at Mono Hot Springs is also setting up some fly fishing gear so in case you'd rather just blast out of the office and head straight for the Sierra, you won't be "S.O.L.". We have some gaps in our Trout Camp schedule so contact us immediately if you wish to experience this great place with the creature comforts of the Mono Hot Spring resort.

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